29 May 2011


     Memorial Day is the day we honor the men and women who each and every day lay their lives on the line for America and the day we pay special homage to those who gave their lives to protect the country they loved.

     Wherever you stand within the social and political fabric of our great country remember this.
     Whether you agree with our wars or not; no matter if you're a Democrat, Republican, a member of a third party or a total independent; in America you can walk out side and protest what you don't like, shout about what you do like and openly debate the two with someone who holds a different view.
     Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, agnostic or atheist you can worship-or not-as you see fit.
      In every city in America an independent news coalition presents the happenings of the day from around the world as they were; not as someone wants you to believe they were.
      And...if you don't agree with our leaders you can vote them out of office. Ours is one of the very few countries in the history of the world where the government transitions peacefully. We change our leaders at the ballot box. Not the guillotine.
      Those freedoms are truly rare in this world and it's our vets who make sure we keep them.
     So the next time you see someone who is serving or has served in our armed forces, say thank you.
     God bless our military and
God bless the
 United States of America 

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