01 October 2011


     I have touched on the illegal immigration problem a time or two, but since immigration reform is such a hot topic for the upcoming 2012 election, I decided that it was time to take it head on.
      A lot the left wing liberals would have you believe that, if you don't want to let all those poor mistreated “UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS” (criminals) stay in the US and give them all the rights and privileges associated with citizenship in this great country of ours, you are a heartless racist1. These bleeding hearts believe that someone who sneaks into our country and flaunts our laws should receive the very same entitlements, education, public (tax payer) supported programs and everything else that you and I; and all the LEGAL immigrants receive2. Were not even supposed to call them illegal any more. Now we are supposed to call them undocumented workers3.
      The liberal thinking seems to be that since, with the exception of Native Americans, we are all immigrants or the descendants of immigrants, so everyone-no matter how they came into the country-should get the same treatment.
      Is that right? Is it fair? Let's look at some facts.
      To start with, illegal immigrants getting all the benefits of a legal citizen is a direct slap in the face to those people that came here legally and went through the entire process of becoming an official, legal US citizen4. They worked hard, went to school. They had to learn a new language and learn about our history, constitution and laws. These people: naturalised citizens are welcome here and are the backbone-the very fabric of the United States of America.
      Those of us born in the states tend to take our citizenship for granted. After all, all we had to do was be born. According to the 14th amendment, anyone born here is automatically a citizen5. Becoming a US citizen when coming from another country is a lengthy and difficult process and those that complete the process and take the oath6 deserve the respect of all other Americans. They are welcome here and deserve to live here. In my opinion the criminals that sneak across the border to take advantage of America and Americans deserve nothing but contempt, jail and deportation.
      Also, these criminals put a very great financial strain on all of our social services and state budgets; and this in the current climate of recession and massive budget shortfalls7.
      The liberal argument is that they pay taxes and so are productive members of society.
      Is that true? Absolutely not. The fact is that illegal aliens cost the taxpayers billions of dollars each and every year. According to the National Research Council: “The NRC found that the average immigrant household receives $13,326 in federal welfare and pays $10,664.00 in federal taxes” 8; a difference of $2,662 per person. If you accept the numbers from the Center for Immigration Studies, there are about 11 million illegals here as of 20089. Figure an average of about 5 people per family (not sure where I got that number-it could be way off) that works out to almost $6 billion a year.
      And then there's the burden on our criminal justice system. A lot of democrats argue that, if we just give them all amnesty and citizenship, the legal problems would disappear. Bull@#*%!!!
      Yes. If they were citizens, they wouldn't need false citizenship papers. Subsequently, identity theft and forgery would drop accordingly, but these are not the only-or the majority of crimes committed by people predisposed to commit criminal acts in the first place10. They sneak across the border to buy and sell guns and smuggle drugs. The violence that goes along with those crimes are all part of their trade; who they are. They rape and murder and simply don't care.
      Then there's the crimes that could have been prevented by the deportation of illegals already caught, but then released by the compassionate Obama administrtaion11.
      A new administration must be put in the white house and congress. Then-and only then can we begin to clean up this mess. If strong laws are passed and enforced, employers won't be able to hire the illegals, land lords won't be able to rent to them. They won't be able to open bank accounts or buy cars. Then we won't have to spend the billions to deport them. With no job, no home and no transportation they will have no choice. They will go home.
      These measures won't completely cure all of the problems associated with illegal immigration. All countries have them. Someone will always try to be where they don't belong and aren't wanted. But at least it would be a hell of a start.
      Well anyway, that's what I think. What's your opinion?


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