09 September 2012


It was brought to my attention that this post was too long, so I decided to split it into 2 parts. The post remains unchanged; just a little easier to read. Part 2 follows.

      So! Here we go again. Late posting and off message. Again!

       This month was going to be about The Social Media Conspiracy (it ain't 

what it sounds like. Think: “we are our own Big Brother”).  

     I was just tidying it up a bit when my wife turned on a true-crime show 

about Marty Tankleff1.

       In 1990; with no evidence other than a falsified - and un-signed confession 

coerced from him by an unscrupulous detective, Marty Tankleff was charged 

with the 1988 murder of his mother and father. At trial he was convicted and 

sentenced to two consecutive terms of 25 years to life in prison. 

     In 2003 after hearing from 20 new witnesses, an appellate court finally 

overturned his conviction. He was 34 years old and 17 of those years; exactly 

one half of his life were spent rotting in a New York prison for a crime he 

didn't commit. 

     First his parents are murdered and then, before this 17 year old kid has 

time to grieve and process his tragic loss, he is charged with and convicted of 

double homicide. 

     Marty was sure that the police would quickly realize their mistake and go 

get the real killer. 

     He was wrong.

     If you think that this is an isolated or even an infrequent situation, think 


      We've all seen the cop movies where the bad guy talks too much and the 

completely upstanding detective takes down the confession, the bad guy signs 

it, goes away for 20 or so years and justice is served.

      What we see almost as often is some cynical, bitter, tired old cop who 

wants to get a conviction at any cost. To this end he will lie to, trick, 

threaten, manipulate and intimidate some green young kid or mentally 

unstable person and get them to sign a confession that they (the suspect) 

probably hasn't even had a chance to read and maybe doesn't know what they 

confessed to.

      I wanted to know if any of these “Innocent but Convicted” stories had even 

the slightest grain of truth or if they were just a lot of bull concocted by 

ratings-hungry TV drama writers or spun by the convicts themselves. 

      Here's what I found. Look at the facts and decide for yourself.

     From 1973 through Jan, 20122, 140 inmates from around the country were 

released from death row after having been acquitted at a re-trial, having all 

charges dropped or been given an absolute pardon because new evidence 

proved they were innocent. 

     That's almost 4 per year. Every year. For at least the last 40 years. Note 

that these were just the people on death row AND only the ones that 

were able to get exonerated and released. 

     Hundreds; maybe thousands more have served 20 plus years for crimes 

they didn't commit3. How many innocent people have been murdered by the 

justice system we will never know. 

      Don't think it could ever happen to you? Listen to me very carefully. 

Every day, people in this country are sent to prison...or worse... for crimes 

they never committed. Many of them have never committed any crime. It 

absolutely can happen to you!

      I don't care if you are 15, 25 or 75. Men or women; it doesn't matter. You 

may be white, black, red or purple. If you are arrested or even just 



Then memorize and repeat these words.

 I have done nothing wrong, but I believe that it is in my best interest to consult with an attorney before I speak to you.” 

     This is all you should say unless and until your lawyer tells you different.
     Once you ask for a lawyer, the questioning is supposed to stop4. If they 

continue to question you they are breaking the law. Don't expect to get them 

thrown in jail, though. It doesn't work that way.

      If you are being questioned, interviewed, interrogated or whatever they 

choose to call it the police are NOT your friends. They are NOT there to help 

you. They WILL lie to you5. They WILL try every trick in their very large 

book6 to trip you up and get you to confess to a crime whether you have 

commited  a crime or not. I can't stress this enough.

      If you are a witness to or a victim of a crime, you must tell the police 

what you saw and/or heard. Stick to the facts and don't talk about anything 

BUT the crime you saw or suffered. If you are questioned about anything else:



Don't volunteer anything. 

Don't try to sound like a hero. 

Don't offer an alibi. 

Don't talk. Period!!! 

That's why you have a lawyer.

At least that's my opinion. What's yours?

PS: Look for "The Social Media Conspiracy" in October


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