02 April 2013


      Have you seen "Schindler's List"? How about "The Silver Fleet"? Both 

movies are WWII yarns with a similar theme; passive resistance and civil 


      The spirit of resistance to oppressive laws and government has a long and 

distinguished history. One of the best known resistance movements - and 

arguably the longest lived one - is Christianity. Quite possibly the second 

(first to some) best known proponent of civil disobedience was Mahatma 

Ghandi2. In this country, Martin Luther King Jr. was a major proponent of 

civil disobedience during the civil rights fight of the 60s.

      Whenever a government becomes oppressive with its taxation, legal 

restrictions, regulations or anything else that erodes the freedoms of the 

people under their rule, some people will resist. The greater the oppression, 

the greater the resistance. Many people - myself included - feel that the time 

has once again come for some good new civil disobedience again in the good 

old US of A.

      Take Obamacare. How can you resist that? Just don't sign up until you 

get sick. The fine3 will cost you a whole lot less than the insurance.

      Then there's all the talk about screwing you out of your second 

amendment rights. Go out now to a gun show near you and buy all the AR15s 

and AK47s that you can afford. Under no circumstances should you register 

them. Buy them from a private party so you don't go through a background 

check. If you have the money, get some guns as gifts for all your loved ones. 

Don't forget the ammo. Several members of congress have decided that since 

they may fail at taking away your gun rights, they will go after your 


       Disagree with illegal immigrant amnesty? Picket and boycott any 

housing project that rents to illegals and businesses that hire them5. If you 

are afraid of retaliation or just don't have the time, take some pictures, print 

up some fliers and plaster your neighborhood with them to let everybody 

know who is helping Americans lose jobs and waste your hard-earned tax 


     Barter. Trade work for goods and services whenever you can. There's no 

way for the IRS to trace that so you won't get taxed on the fruits of your 

labor. Don't get me wrong; Big Brother wants his cut6. He just has no way of 

finding out what you did, unless you tell him.

       If you live in a medical-marijuana state, get a card and tell everybody 

you know to do the same thing.

      Write LOTS of letters to your congresspeople7. Believe it or not, 

politicians do read the letters they get. They all want to get re-elected so they 

need to know what their constituents are thinking.

      And the biggest civil disobedience move you can make? VOTE!!!

At least that's my opinion. What's yours?


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