02 August 2009


Have you been watching the news? After 18 years, The body of the first pilot shot down in the first Gulf War has been recovered. No one knew his fate since Jan. 17, 1991.1 Turns out some Bedouins had "respectfully buried" Captain Michael Scott Speicher. His remains will be returned to his family shortly.
According to the pictures on the news, the wreckage of his jet is on top of the ground and completely visible; specially from the air.
So here's my question. If we can't find one of our own jets sitting on top of the ground for 18 years, and then only with help from some nomadic goat herder, what the hell makes ANYBODY think that we've searched the entire country thoroughly enough to be certain that a raving maniac who HAD and USED weapons of mass destruction didn't hide them somewhere where we couldn't find them?
The entire country is basically one big sandbox. During Desert Storm, Iraqi solders popped up out of bunkers that our guys didn't see until there was an enemy soldier 3 feet in front of them trying to surrender. Even Saddam Hussein himself was squirelled away in a hole in the ground.2,3
Storage units have been found with sarin and mustard gas.4 Anybody wanna bet their chromosomes that there's really no nukes, or at least some uranium hidden away somewhere? I sure don't.
Anyway, that's my opinion. What's yours?
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11 April 2009


so⋅cial⋅ism [soh-shuh-liz-uhm] noun (1)

A theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating public or state ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equality for all individuals

We now live in a country where the leader wants to "REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH". That was the driving force behind the Bolshevik Revolution(2) of 1917; the start of the USSR. The idea was that the "capitalists" had gotten wealthy on the back of the "proletariat", and that the common people should take the farms and factories, put them in common (government) control and distribute the product equally. So...how well did that turn out?
The recent firing of the General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner(3) by president Obama sets a dangerous precedent. When the government gets in the business of private business, it's no longer private. One only has to look at North Korea and China to see the pitfalls. Without profit incentives to attract talent, private firms will wither and die. And...if a ceo or board of directors believe that the president or congress has the authority to sack them at will, their decisions suddenly become political rather than financial.
There seems to be a prevailing opinion that "PROFIT=EVIL". Where do people think that jobs come from? If a corporation(and the associated management team) is making a large profit, they are going to create more jobs and hire more people in an effort to make bigger profits. By the same token, if profits go away, jobs get cut. Just check out the current job market(4) and compare it with corporate earnings(5) over the last year! Then, the next time you or someone you know gets laid off, think about what would be happening if your (ex) employer was making MORE money instead of losing it.
Thats my opinion. What's yours?

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