12 June 2012


      Yes! I'm late again. Had to have another surgery for a torn rotator cuff. I've got to stop splitting firewood and buy a splitter.
      This month's posting was supposed to be on same-sex marriage and a possible solution to the debate. I had it almost finished when a news segment caught my ear. Look for it in July instead.
      A school principal banned Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" from a graduation ceremony " telling teachers the Lee Greenwood ballad could offend other cultures. 1"
      According to The Washington Post:(11/13/2011)A federal court judge ruled that officials at a California high school had a legal right to send home students wearing shirts showing the American flag on Cinco de Mayo...”
      So let's get something straight. If you are offended by our flag or the Pledge of Allegiance or our national anthem or patriotic songs or anything else that Americans are prone to as an expression of pride in and love for our country, then GET THE HELL OUT! Go back to Iran or North Korea or China or wherever else your brain-dead ideas will be accepted.
      And to all the bleeding-heart sorry-ass liberals who think that if we just don't fly the flag or speak about how great America is, all the jihadists will suddenly like us and leave us alone; here's a wake-up call for you.
      They don't hate us because of our flag or our songs. They hate us because we are free and they can't stand anybody being free. They hate us because our wives are free to get a job and a driver's license and walk down the sidewalk showing their face. They hate us because our daughters can go to school and get an education and plan a career. They hate us because our women aren't the property of the father until he finds a husband for her and then she becomes the property of the husband. They hate us because a woman can choose NOT to get married and still have a career and buy a house and a car and live a life. And they hate most of all because all of us are free to read The Washington Post or Time Magazine or, God forbid- a Playboy. We are all free to be Muslims or Jews or Christians or Athiests and to worship-or not-as we see fit.
      The only way to keep them from hating us is to become them. So, unless you want to grow your beard, make your wife and daughter wear a burkha in public, ban girls from schools and the workplace and spend your whole life reading nothing but religious texts they are going to hate you. I'm not going to do all that so they are going to hate me and I don't care.
      As the old Merle Haggard song says; When you're runnin' down our country, boy, you're walkin' on the fightin' side of me. If you don't love it, leave it.

That's my opinion and, on this one, I don't care what anybody else thinks.

1 http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Principal-Justin-Bieber-Baby-God-Bless-the-USA-Graduation-Song-158547255.html

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