01 February 2013


      It is an innate part of our human consciousness that we each endeavour to be unique. We strive whether man or woman, in childhood, as adults and even in our advanced years, each and every one to be different from all others. And, at least from a genetic viewpoint, we are each truly one of a kind. Yet, that difference buried deep within our cells comprises only about one one-hundredth of one percent of our DNA; the remainder of our whole selves being practically identical to all others of our species.
     As teenagers we spend nearly every waking thought attempting to be seen as unlike anyone else and yet, in the same moment, strive almost to the point of insanity to be like all our peers so as to belong to the “in-crowd”. A true dichotomy

     It is due to our desire for individuality the we long to possess that which no one else has. We paint our cars, decorate our homes, get tattoos and yet each of these expressions of our innermost sense of self are soon duplicated or parodied by others leaving us searching for yet another announcement of our oneness.
     It is this plight that leads us to reach into the one place that is truly ours; inviolate by all who dare attempt without our permission and collusion knowledge of it's contents: our mind. Our most secret thoughts and deepest desires are safe so long as we utter them not.
     Yet just as the beasts of the jungle when held in captivity, no matter how gilded their confinement, long for freedom so to do our innermost secrets scream to be loosed. To be held still hidden from the eyes of the world yet shared with someone. A lover, our closest confidant, our most trusted friend. So inspired was the birth of secret writing. Cryptography. Through cryptography we find a way for us keep our secrets, sharing them only with the trusted few that we choose and denying access to all others.

      The antithesis to this security born of a secret defended by cryptography is the burning ambition within each of us to penetrate and discover the secrets of others. And thus was developed cryptography's nemesis: cryptanalysis.

      It is upon this very plane that I endeavour to give you an opportunity for some personal accomplishment. Here then I present 4 messages protected by the armour of 4 cyphers. Each message and cypher is different. Each for you to lay bare with your superior intellect, sharply honed skills and infinite persistence.
      The first cypher is a simple one for you to cut your teeth on. Someone only slightly familiar with the basics of cryptanalysis should experience little difficulty untangling the mystery within.
      Each cypher increases in difficulty, allowing you to challenge yourself and test your abilities at several levels. The last is for those of you with a lot of experience. It will require some advanced skills. Or a whole lot of BDL (see Tips)
      There are no riches to be had. No trophies for your showcase. Only the gratification brought by overcoming a challenge and the satisfaction of knowing that you are part of the elite, the few; able to discover through your efforts bounty hidden from the masses.
      I will however offer a little notoriety to those successful at mastering some - or all - of the challenges. I will right here in this blog announce your great skill and abilities to the world. You have only to email the correctly decyphered messages to: n_r_peterson@yahoo.com along with your name and, if you wish, where you live. For the first 5 to correctly crack each of the cyphers and read the message I will post for all the world to see your names, along with the underlying plain text and the cyphers used to encrypt them.
Ie: John S of Quebec, Canada
succesfully cracked cypher #2
For a little assistance click HERE for some TIPS and a frequency-analysis table. Want a little more help? See my April 15, 2011 posting: A CRYPTO READING LIST
Look for the winners and solutions in March. Enjoy.
P.S. If enough of you are interested, I will make this a regular part of my blog. It depends on the response. If you enjoy it, let me know.


Click HERE for cryptogram #1 in printable text format
detia wdnae lbate htnoe sacfe irbsi htese hrorr
imaht iwlla wenon ognuh nisab hsawa sriah cehte
lbatk aodnu oreht wonyl raelc eromm ooreh tfosg
nihsi nrufe htees dluoc yobeh tciff artfo smaeb gniss
apeht dnate ertso redas ividm orfth gilml dehtt
sniag aereh tdoot sehem itgno larof wodni wehts
drawo tmoor ehtss orcad eklaw ehylw olsdn ayllu
fthgu ohter ipmav ehtdi asees imdps trfas ooclv
Click HERE for cryptogram #2 in printable text format

29422  82935  32294  22829  35322  92134  42282  53925  26363  92529  
21342  94228  29353  23626  23364  33941  25473  64321  39253  44722  
39292  72842  33294  24233  25414  22139  29442  53429  33254  12135  
24342  93325  41362  62629  33254  13739  25424  24726  29332  54136  
26473  64339  26363  92526  21422  82539  41263  94329  42213  52435  
36454  23641  43294  23643  39273  92521  42233  63437  43422  53947  
36433  92534  21273  52542  29232  93532  29343  43639  25422  82135  
42282  14229  32353  64529  21342  14233  25214  14229  42282  93532  
29344  34142  22254  22825  39254  73643  27363  42135  32252  53721  
41233  63633  21414  73643  23213  52621  23253  72933  25413  62642  
39292  13341  45294  22841  34293  32541  29423  92933  25414  22825  
34423  62225  33292  54425  42282  14247  36433  72539  23252  94425  
42282  54525  22422  82547  45252  14425  21352  43225  25373  63542  
28293  53229  35272  63925  25
Click HERE for cryptogram #3 in printable text format

Do you fancy yourself expert cryptanalyst? Try THIS one.
WARNING: this will take advanced cryptanalytic skills to crack.
Click HERE for expert cryptogram in printable text format

Did you solve any - or all - of the the cyphers?
Send your solution(s) along with your name and, if you wish, where you live to : n_r_peterson@yahoo.com to claim your rightful notoriety. If you are one of the first 5 to send in the correct solution(s), we will publish your accomplishment for all the world to see.

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