25 April 2010


One year ago, I wrote about the coming of socialism to the United States of America. Well folks; here we are.
The government now runs the automotive industry, with all of it's associated jobs from the iron workers to the clerk at Wal Mart selling you an oil filter. Big Brother runs the banking industry, which means they (Obama & Pelosi) determine if you : buy a house, start a business, go to school or even; because they control the purse strings of ALL business, determine if and where you can get a job.
The IRS now decides if they like your health insurance, which you have no choice but to buy. That means they (the IRS) decides who lives and dies. Can't work and pay taxes any more? Too bad! That life-saving procedure that you need isn't approved.
We're going the way of post-war Europe. Pretty soon a gallon of gas will be $25.00. A loaf of bread; $10.00. And don't even think about going out to dinner or on a vacation. Unless you're a government worker of course. Welcome to the Socialist States of America.
That's my opinion. What's yours?