04 March 2013



      People, get ready. There's a storm a brewin' and it might just get ugly. It 

is happening primarily over 4 issues. The one that started it all is that family-

destroying, ambition-killing, violence and crazed-sex inducing, moral-

corrupting scourge of the earth: marijuana.

      According to more than a few experts, National marijuana 

 legalization is coming to a state near you1. Maybe sooner than you 


      The most recent move against federal power really began with medical 

marijuana. "In 1966, California voters passed Proposition 215, making the 

Golden State the first in the nation to allow for the medical use of marijuana3."  

     The arguments then moved on to immigration, gay rights and the biggie. 

Of the 4 main issues being so hotly debated, the whole issue of personal 

freedom and state's rights will probably (in my humble opinion) be decided by 

the outcome of the fourth, and arguably the most divisive issue: gun-rights. 

Lets face it. He who has the guns wins. But that's a story for another time.*

      Let's talk about pot.
     For over a century there has been a conspiracy by the federal government 

to keep marijuana illegal. According to WORLD-MYSTERIES.com4: "Pot is 

NOT harmful to the human body or mind. Marijuana does NOT pose a threat 

to the general public. Marijuana is very much a danger to the oil companies, 

alcohol, tobacco industries and a large number of chemical corporations. 

Various big businesses, with plenty of dollars and influence, have suppressed 

the truth from the people.…POT IS ILLEGAL BECAUSE BILLIONAIRES 

      Some people think that the social weed was illegalized primarily for 

public health reasons. The truth is that pot was first illegalized for economic 

and racial reasons 5,3. Since then it has been, in my opinion, kept illegal only 

because our glorious government refuses to admit when it screws up. And, of 

course, our elected officials are viciously addicted to the money those 

billionaires donate to their campaigns.

      So what comes next? That depends on how far the people and their 
elected state representatives are willing to push the issue. Up until the 2012 
election, a few states had legalized medical marijuana and the federal 
government mainly looked the other way. Now, however, our federal coffers 
are worse than empty and the treasure chest of almost all of the states are in 
dire need of contributions. Suddenly the concept of fully legalizing - and 
taxing - marijuana is beginning to look very appealing to a lot of state 
legislators as a way to generate massive amounts of much-needed revenue. 
The federal powers-that-be still seem to vehemently oppose the move.

      Colorado and Washington state have, through popular referendum

directly challenged federal authority by fully legalizing pot just like booze. 

The resultant showdown has yet to play out.

     Not so very long ago, Arizona decided to enforce federal
immigration laws that the federal government chose to ignore. In case
you haven't heard, that didn't turn out very well for Arizona.
Several states have legalized gay marriage and others found
compromises to give gays equal rights. This one at least has
President Obama's support.

      Now, with Obama and some very liberal congress people trying to
completely dismantle the second amendment, some states have decided
that they are not only going to refuse to enforce any new federal
anti-gun laws, but a couple have gone so far as to declare that any
federal agents attempting to enforce new gun restrictions within
those states face possible arrest for interfering with state
     I believe that all four of these issues are inextricably tied

together and will be decided as a single issue: ie. states rights and the 10th  

amendment7. Hopefully, it will all get resolved at the ballot box or on the 

floors of congress, but somehow I doubt it. I think there will be another war 

and this time it will truly be a civil war**. I believe that it will be bloody and, 

as with all wars, there will be no winner; only a side that loses less than the 


      I'm glad that I'm old and don't have a whole lot longer to live. With any  

luck, when the war does come, it will be after I'm dead and gone. God help 

the children!

At least that's my opinion. What's yours?


January of 2012 I published a post titled" LET'S TALK ABOUT THE ONE 

WE LOST". In it I proposed the total legalization of all drugs. Now a

new documentary is coming out, produced by Richard Branson's son Sam 

Branson. It is called "Breaking The Taboo" and basically proposes the

same thing. No; it's not full of a bunch of whacked-out dope heads.

The film features never-before-seen interviews with former

presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, narration by Morgan Freeman

and a trailer starring Kate Winslet. Watch the trailer here:

The video is supposed to air on television sometime in 2013.

And as for last month's crypto contest

Jessie S from Ohio and Bryon from Colorado

Jessie cracked the first challenge and Bryon got the first 2

See the plain text of cryptograms 1 & 2, along with their

individual cyphers here: CYPHER #1 CYPHER #2

Since nobody got the last two, I'll wait until next month to publish their solutions. That'll give everyone another month to work on them. Of course, you're still welcome to try your hand at solving any of them. Or all four.


7 http://constitution.findlaw.com/amendment10/amendment.html

*For more on the gun-rights debate, see these previous posts from
this blog.


"A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." Aug,2012



** What is usually considered as the "United States Civil War" was
not. Civil war is two groups fighting over control of the SAME
country (Definition:a war between political factions or regions
within the same country.) The fight between the United States and 

Confederate States was a war between two sovereign nations which ended
up dissolving one of them.

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