19 December 2007

Santa's gassing up his sleigh

Christmas is almost here. Don't forget to check out the great wearable and display art at WesternStatesCreations.com. Find that perfect gift for the one on your list who has everything.
A sweetheart? Try jewelry by Chris Maqueirs.
A proffesional? See the stunning photography of Kris Montierth, Rani Hixon or Michael Peterson for the office.
The exquisite paintings and drawings of Nick Gustafson, Josie Dee or Frederick de Terazzas. will deck out any home .
Newlyweds? Look at "The Circle" and "You Are" by Rick Peterson.

So what's up with this election campaign? On the liberal side we've got a woman, a black and a spoiled rich kid. In the other corner there's a Morman, a minister and an adulterer. This is the most screwed up bunch of candidates I can remember, and when I was born, Harry S. Truman was president. I'm sure there's a conspiracy in there somewhere. Any thoughts; send me an email and I'll research it.

I'm taking a break from 'ritin 'n searchin' to entertain friends and family, but look for a new posting right after New Years. Is the FBI conspiring to do away with the constitution? You be the judge.
"Till 2008; have a very merry Christmas and a great new year.

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