15 December 2011


   In May, I wrote a post entitled "Are Submarines The Answer To Piracy". In it, I talked about 4 Americans aboard a yacht that were taken hostage, then murdered1.
   I'm happy to announce that Mohamud Hirs Issa Ali; the commander of the pirates, along with 8 of his cutthroat thugs have been sentenced to life in prison. They have also each been ordered to pay $400,000 in restitution2. Not to sure how anybody will collect, but it's a nice thought.
    11 of them have pleaded guilty to piracy on the high seas. The remaining 2 will be sentenced tomorrow. Let's hope they also get life.
   As I said in the post: "Only by making the risk so great that potential rewards cease to be attractive has and will the threat of piracy on the high seas ever been and ever will be abated."
   A few more pirates dead or in prison and maybe we can get a handle on this mess.
   As to the United States Navy; Well Done
That's what I think, any way. What are your thoughts?

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  2. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41715530/ns/world_news-africa/t/four-american-hostages-killed-somali-pirates/#.TuqB5IYlQg0

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