27 May 2012


Happy Memorial Day.
     And to all those men and women that are serving or have served in our armed forces, and especially to those thousands that made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives for their...and our country:


Last year at this time, I wrote a memorial day posting and recieved the following message from a gentleman(???):

From: Walt ...........@#$%.net (I won't invite reprisals from any patriots by publishing any identifiable information about him)

To: Me
Please remove my name from this list I do not want your CRAP

     We removed his name from our mailing list and sent this reply to him.

To: Walt
I'm sorry that you don't appreciate our great country, the troops that defend it and your freedoms and privileges that you enjoy by being an American. Your name has been removed from our list and you will receive no more mailings from us.

      For me, that says it all. We are free only because we; Americans, are willing to fight and die to keep the freedoms and liberty that comes with living in this great country of ours.
     No! America is not perfect. After all, it's full of people and people aren't perfect. We make mistakes. Sometimes we do the wrong thing for the right reason. There is, however no other country in the world that has the smooth transition of government, personal freedoms and the benifits of citizenship that we Americans enjoy.
   So - on this Memorial Day, fire up the bar-b-que, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, tell your friends and family how much you appreciate them and all of you give a toast to the United States of America.

God bless our men and women in uniform and
God bless the
 United States of America

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