28 June 2013


      Will wonders never cease? Barney Frank and I agree on something. Something important!
      Back in January, 2012 I posted the article "LET'S TALK ABOUT THE ONE WE LOST". In that post, I put forth the idea that we would be better off - or at least do less harm if we legalized ALL drugs.
      Now, retired representative Barney Frank has agreed with me in almost all areas (he exempted PCP) and for the same reasons I stated.
      Many other people have argued along the same lines that Frank and I state but now it's not just people around the country. Now it's congressmen, both retired and current.
       It's time to stop funding the cartels, filling our prisons with people that have done nothing more than get high, ripping apart families worse than the drugs do and spending billions of tax payer dollars funding a losing battle against drugs.

Read about Mr. Frank here:

Ron Paul agrees but for different reasons.

      Even mainstream groups like the Cato institute and the Washington Post have weighed in on the side of legalization.

      Quite honestly, I very seriously doubt that congress will ever consider legalizing drugs, with the possible exception of marijuana, but it is an interesting concept.
      Just some food for thought. Let me know what you think.

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