01 July 2008


Well! I'm back. Had to deal with a few health issues and couldn't keep up with my writing. And with all that has gone on in the world since December, I don't know where to start. How about tomatoes?
Salmonella is running rampant and every restaurant seems terrified to offer you a tomato. Now, the FDA (in all their efficient glory) has decided that tomatoes might not even be the source. Gee! Ya think? It has hit in about 35 of the lower 48 states; from coast to coast.
I don't suppose that the Office of Homeland Security has considered a biological attack. After all; Iran has so much good feeling for us, and couldn't possibly possess the technology to grow such an uncommon pathogen. So, of course, something like an outbreak of Ebola or hemorrhagic fever couldn't possibly happen; especially with the extreme security that the US of A exercises over its borders and how well it keeps undocumented workers out of the workforce and away from the domestic food chain.
OIL!!! Any one that thinks $10 a gallon gas can't happen here has never been to Europe. In this country, we have all the oil we need for about 25 years if we want to drill for it. That should be enough time to develop ethanol and hydrogen fuel cells and get them widely and economically distributed. Won't happen, though. America will hold on to its oil reserves until the rest of the world is out. Then, theoretically, we'll be in the drivers seat.
Unfortunately it isn't going to work that way.
The rest of the world WILL have hydrogen and ethanol wide spread within 10 to 15 years. Except, maybe for the Chinese. Demand will be at an all time low by about 2025, and China and the US will be the guys still screwing up the air that every one else has to breath. The middle east won't have the revenues of the last 150 years and will either slip back into the dark ages or (more probably) take all the money they've been saving for the occasion and start a really big war in an attempt to grab some other revenue sources. If you read the last chapter in the best seller of all time, you can read all about it.
Just some food for thought. Gotta go. I need some gas so I can drive to the store to buy some tomatoes for the salad tonight.

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Dan said...

Though I am open to the possibility of a failure of the US government to detect a sabotage from one of our many enemies, I give equal weight to this being yet another complete failure to act in any proactive manner to fix a problem.

This type of action has become the de-facto tactic with the Bush administration. They pointed the terrorist finger at Iraq when they were just another 'bad guy'. Nothing about Iraq was terrorism, it was just a tyanical regime!

and by the way, DAMN right I want some free out for liberating your country!

Funny how Tomatoes are the suspect for the salmonella when tomatoes are not a common or even a good carrier for the bacteria! On top of the fact that salmonella test strips are cheap and tomato shipments could have easily been tested, and double tested for a minimal cost. I also find it funny that the salmonella outbreaks are in texas, new mexico and illinois, but not in mexico and florida when the tomatoes are grown! Are tomatoes an export only item?? NO!

its quite depressing, we have a terrible (retarded) administration and we are looking to replace it with 1 of 3 less-than-stellar candidates.